Gabriella Plants Sansevieria 4" Sansevieria ‘African Spears’
Gabriella Plants Sansevieria 4" Sansevieria ‘African Spears’
Gabriella Plants 4" Sansevieria ‘African Spears’

Sansevieria ‘African Spears’

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These 4" Sansevieria 'African Spears' have been grown from cuttings that our Head Grower Brett stuck his first week on the job in January 2021 from his 1 personal plant. They are slow growers but have finally flushed out & are ready to be offered for the first time! #EveryPlantHasAStory

*The cut stem you see in the center of the pot is the original cutting that was stuck to produce these new pups. The cutback original cutting in no way negatively effects the health of these fully-rooted and developed pups. *

Sometimes mislabeled online, Sansevieria 'African Spears' is NOT a variety of Sanseveria cylindrica. Sansevieria 'African Spears' is its own separate species and unlike cylindrica can reach mature heights of over 8 feet! [See last photo for example of mature plants]

Another incredible fact about this rarely offered Sansevieria, in the early 1900's the military was testing the potential use of the fibers harvested from this Sansevieria to produce bulletproof vests! The testing was a success and the bulletproof vests actually worked, but shortly after due to the invention of Teflon and the ease of mass-production with this new synthetic material, the Sansevieria bulletproof vests were discontinued. #EveryPlantHasAStory

Sansevieria are known for being a GREAT house plant.
Commonly referred to as Snake Plant. Within the average house environment, Sansevieria only need to be watered every other week or so.  Be sure the soil is almost entirely dry before fully watering the plant again, only water at the soil level. They don't mind stagnant air, which lends to their ease in home environments.  They do well in a moderately wide range of lighting conditions but they enjoy moderate lighting the most.  They don't mind the heat either. 

Note to customer: Some of the older leaves may have slight scarring or blemishes develop in transit, this is purely cosmetic and in no way affects the health of the plant. 

Gabriella Plants Insurance Winter Protection Insurance

Winter Protection Insurance

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Worried about your plants arriving safely in chilly weather? Add this to your order! We highly recommend adding Winter Insurance if your local HIGH temperatures are below 45 degrees in your location or if your order is using UPS Ground as the shipping source, as it will likely pass through colder states on the way.

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