'The BEST shipping I've experienced!'

 When we first started shipping plants back in 2018 on Etsy, admittedly we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. In fact, our internal motto in 2019 was 'We don't know what we're doing...' but with every order, we learned more & thanks to the graciousness of our customers, we began to refine what we believe is one of the most consistent & safest ways to ship plants year round directly From Our Greenhouse to Your House!
We want you to show you the process we have used to safely deliver nearly half a million plants since we first started.

Our team takes pride in our processes for every order:


Picking out the best of the best...

Every order begins with picking the best of the best from our greenhouses.



After picking the best plants from the whole greenhouse, those plants are brought to the front area of the greenhouse to be further inspected, cleaned & staged so that they can be properly photographed and listed for sale!


Preparing for shipment

Once you place your order, our team gathers the plants needed for your order & delivers them to our shipping team, who will gather all the plants needed for your particular order and will do their own inspection of the plant and begin prepping the plant for wrapping.


Wrapping your plants

Our shipping team carefully adds polyfill & rubber bands to hold the soil into place and prevent major soil shifting during transit.
Next, our shipping team wraps your plant in a hardened corrugated paper OR in snuggly foam pieces.


Packing your box

Next, we neatly place your plants inside the box & fill any void space. Lastly, we weigh the package & print the postage!


Picked up by the Post Office
on it's way to you!

Your order is picked up by the carrier from our shipping facility the same day that it's packaged!


Here is what to do when it arrives & what is normal or not!



Inspect for issues and remove any damages leaves if desired.


Isolate & Give Time

Isolate them and allow time for adjustment before repotting or making additional changes.


Issues?  Questions?  Get in touch!

Report claims or questions to us directly, as we'd be happy to help via email at orders@gabriellaplants.com!

Is this normal?


Minor leaf damage

Water/spray residue

Small amounts of soil spilt in box

Lowest leaf or two yellowing or showing signs of stress


Newest leaves damaged/failing or majority of leaves damaged

Any active (moving) pests

Black leaves 

Mostly uprooted/unpotted in transit