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Recommended Tools/Resources:

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The Kew Plant Glossary: An Illustrated Dictionary of Plant Terms

Houseplants: The Complete Guide to Choosing, Growing, and Caring for Indoor Plants

Greenhouse Monitoring Equipment:

Here are the links to the instruments used in our Greenhouse Thermometer video...
Our greenhouse sensor suite:
(3 sensors + hub)
Link to soil moisture sensor option:
Hub sold separately. Each hub can hold up to 7 sensors so you CAN mix and match the Soil Moisture sensors with the others from the kit above.
Link to our publically available outdoor weather station:
You can view our weather at our location here:
Link to view open sourced weather station data:

Greenhouse Tools:

Shane's Favorite Pruning Shears


Our Ingredients -

Updated Pink Princess Growing Tips - July 2019

"Rio" Philodendron Sport Info -