Tillandsia xerographica Bare-Root5" Philodendron goeldii Hanging Basket4" Ficus microcarpa 'Green Island'4" Colocasia esculenta 'Black Sapphire Gecko'4" Ananas lucidus "Red Spineless Pineapple"



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This is a beauty! So full and graceful! I've had such a great experience with Gabriella Plants. I can't stop searching the site for more!

Yen H.



Stunning! Part of my first order - definitely will not be my last. Of all the online places I’ve tried Gabriella plants are the healthiest!

Kasey D.



This plant company is absolutely marvelous! I have ordered several items from here and I’ve always loved everything I have gotten and if there was a problem of any sort . They resolved it immediately. Great plant supplier! 

Ruby S.



I’ve paid 3 times that much for this species and not gotten a plant as nice! And even more important with an on line order - the packaging was second to none!

Val S.



I can’t say enough about the plants I have received from Gabriella Plants! They are packaged to perfection! And the plants are always in wonderful condition. I love them!

Amy W.



This was my first experience buying plants from Gabriella. It's now my go to! This strawberry begonia was lush, full and ready to show off! Thank you!!

Julie E.


Gabriella Plants 4" Apoballis acuminatissima &
Gabriella Plants 4" Apoballis acuminatissima &
Gabriella Plants 4" Apoballis acuminatissima &
Gabriella Plants 4" Apoballis acuminatissima &
Gabriella Plants 4" Apoballis acuminatissima &

4" Apoballis acuminatissima 'Lavallaei'

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Interesting collectors plant with amazing foliage, elliptical leaves have unique silver/gray markings with dark green splotches on the top of the leaves with dull purplish red undersides and petioles.

This beautiful tropical plant likes it warm and humid, keep soil slightly moist at all times, not soggy. Prefers full to partial shade outdoors, bright indirect light indoors. 

Please note these plants are fragile, and may suffer some minor damage during shipping.

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