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Our Story

We are growers in greenhouses with our eyes set on Always Growing More® every day and we're excited to share Every Plant's Story with you.

We are a 3rd Generation Family Business that has been growing plants since the 1970's on the same property we still grow house plants on today. We used to operate strictly wholesale before 2019, but since then, we have shifted entirely to serving our customers online.

Our mission is to grow high quality vigorous house plants & ship them quickly and safely from our greenhouse to your house, with an unmatched customer experience.

High quality soils, extended time-release granular fertilizer and locally sourced nursery pots means a better growing experience for the plants in our greenhouse and hopefully a smile on your face when your plants have arrived home.


We believe that Every Plant Has A Story™
and our radical goal is to share those stories with you.

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Celebrate your plant's birthday.

Once your scan your Story Stake, one of the pieces of information you'll see is the date that your plant was first propagated!  This will let you celebrate your plant's birthday in the future as well as put context to the age of the plant.

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Meet your grower.

Our growers at Gabriella Plants pride themselves in growing high quality indoor house plants and you can see the name of which grower propagated your plant via the Story Portal page!

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Learn the ingredients.

This way, you can gain the knowledge of how to help your plants thrive according to what they need based on the environment they grew up in.

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More ways to learn coming soon.

We believe Every Plant Has A Story and it's why we're doing everything we can to share those stories with our customers. 

We have large long term plans for the Every Plant Story technology and can't wait to share more grower data with our customers in the months ahead.