Gabriella Plants 4" Pachira aquatica "Money Tree" Braid
Gabriella Plants 4" Pachira aquatica "Money Tree" Braid

4" Pachira aquatica "Money Tree" Braid

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Pachira aquatica "Money Tree" Braid is a low maintenance plant that brings a tropical feel to your home.  Each leaf has 5-7 bright green leaflets resembling palm leaves. Prefers medium to bright indirect light and does well in average household humidity so long as it is protected from drafts. Likes deep but infrequent watering, avoid getting water on the trunk and allow top 1-2" to dry between waterings. Ensure your pot has good drainage and empty the dish of any remaining water after 30 minutes. Feed every 2 weeks in spring and summer with fertilizer diluted half strength. 

  • Grown by our family-owned nursery located in Oviedo, FL
  • Ships directly From Our Greenhouse to Your House®
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  • We ensure every plant is pest & disease free.

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