Gabriella Plants Hoya 4" Hoya lacunosa 'Mint'
Gabriella Plants Hoya 4" Hoya lacunosa 'Mint'

Hoya lacunosa 'Mint'

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Hoya lacunosa 'Mint' new growth emerges a light mint green and matures to silver mint in high light. 

Hoya lacunosa is named after its prominent characteristic of having "lacunose" leaves/surfaces (sunken between the veins). It is commonly referred to as the Cinnamon Hoya, for the light and spicy fragrance of cinnamon from its blooms. Hoya lacunosa is perfect for indoor cultivation year round, will grow in a variety of lighting conditions and flower readily even in lower levels of light. It has a pendant growth habit that looks best in a hanging basket but can be trained to climb.

Hoya lacunosa can produce dramatically different foliage in response to differing cultural conditions. The foliage is fairly small, its ovate to lanceolate leaves are set closely along the stems. The blooms are comprised of umbels of 15-25 small, usually revolute white to cream colored flowers forming a ball, covered in dense, silvery hair with pale yellow to red-rimmed coronas. The flowers last an average of 4-5 days and produce very little nectar. This hoya prefers a moist soil and will not tolerate drought.

~Do Not let Hoya sit in excess water. As epiphytes, in the wild they would be growing on tree trunks or branches in the forest understory where they would get most of their water just from dew or moisture in the air.

~Hoya are considerably hardy & tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, but for the best growth it is recommended to provide higher levels of humidity.

~Do Not remove the peduncles [flower stalks] after your Hoya has finished flowering. Hoya are able to rebloom again & again from the same peduncle!

~Feed regularly during the growing season with a low nitrogen fertilizer containing sufficient amounts of phosphorous and potassium.


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