Gabriella Plants 4" Alocasia 'Golden Bone'
Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Alocasia 'Golden Bone'
Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Alocasia 'Golden Bone'
Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Alocasia 'Golden Bone'
Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Alocasia 'Golden Bone'

Alocasia 'Golden Bone'

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Alocasia 'Golden Bone' has leathery dark green leaves with an iridescent sheen, and a bright golden green midrib with burgundy undersides. We have learned that this very unusual hybrid can even develop golden mottling on the leaves. We cannot confirm this as ours are very young but will update pics when ours reach maturity.

Alocasias come in a wide range of shapes & sizes from small statured Jewel Alocasias to leafy giants, but care is relatively the same for all plants in this genus!

~Do Not let Alocasia sit in excess water. Alocasia are prone to rot if left with “wet feet”. Once watered, make sure to drain any extra water.

~Do Not place in full sun. Though some larger varieties can be acclimated to full sun, our Alocasia have been grown under shaded, greenhouse conditions.

~Alocasia are rhizomatous, meaning as they grow they will produce offshoots on short stems at or below the soil line. If you see bulb-like balls [known as corms] in the pot, Do Not remove them as these will grow to become new Alocasia!

Note to customer: Alocasia may loose leaves from shipping stress, but once acclimated will grow new leaves.

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Winter Protection Insurance

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