Gabriella Plants Succulent 4.5" Hanging Basket Ceropegia woodii "String of Hearts"

Ceropegia woodii "String of Hearts"

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Small heart shaped, silver leaves with green to purple undersides are regularly spaced along thin purple stems. Interesting looking flowers have a white to pale magenta bulbous base and  tubular corolla, with 5 purple petals fused at the tips, forming a crown like canopy. Inside, the flowers are lined with small, downward pointing hairs that prevent pollinators from leaving until it is ready to release its pollen that can then be transferred to the next flower visited. If pollinated, will produce horn shaped seed pods. As it matures, it will develop a woody caudex and roots may develop tubers. Allow the soil to dry between deep waterings, ensure you have excellent drainage as it is prone to rot if soil is permitted to remain soggy. Grown in high light the leaves will be dark with distinctive marbling. If not receiving enough light, the leaves will be light green with no marbling. Rosary Vine is a commonly used name, along with String of Hearts, Chain of Hearts, and Hearts Entangled. Ceropegia woodii has a vining or trailing habit and looks best grown in a hanging basket, but can also be trained to climb. 

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