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4" Philodendron Burgundy Princess

Please know that this batch may contain some minor cold damage on some of their older leaves, but the plant has been growing healthy for at least 6 weeks before we ship them to customers. These may also take up to 2 weeks to ship.  

Notice: This plant has a yearly limit of 1 per person. Click here to read

To clarify, the species of this plant is still "Pink Princess" but we hold a very high bar of what variegation level we call Pink Princess here at Gabriella Plants.  These 4" Philodendron are either below our standards for a normal PPP or are completely reverted Pink Princess and should not ever produce pink variegation again... thus the name Burgundy Princess!  But their deep red/green leaf color and their size is beautiful!  

General Philodendron Care Tips:

Light: Bright indirect light.

Water: Allow the first inch or so to dry out before watering again. 

Other: While not true of all philodendrons, many will begin vining down, or climbing up if given the opportunity. 

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