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3" Philodendron hederaceum 'Gabby' - single stem

At this time, we are unsure of when we will release more and at what price they may be as it's becoming clear that we will not have nearly enough.

Currently, we anticipate being able to grow maybe 300-400 plants to share this year of this particular cultivar, so please understand that future pricing reflects the fact that these are extremely slow growers and we will grow 4x more Pink Princess than these, and we will grow thousands of Rio as another comparison, so Gabby is a truly rare find. 

Gabby orders specifically have a 2-6 week turnaround time before yours may ship even if emails about orders generally say otherwise.  We do that so we can offer a larger number of plants available in each batch we post for sale, giving the largest number of people a better shot at being able to score one.  There will be thousands more visitors to our website during our next inventory release than we will have plants available, but we're always growing more.

*Prices are subject to vary at any time and will not be adjusted after a transaction is complete.  Any variations sold through this page share the same SKU and therefore are still subject to the limits listed below.

Notice: This plant has a yearly limit of 1 per person. Click here to read

Always Growing More™

We are growers, so we're planting and propagating more plants to share with our customers each and every day of the week.

Original Cultivar to Gabriella Plants™

Philodendron 'Gabby' is a result of over 10 years of work and it has been selectively cultivated to be more stable than most cream variegations at our family greenhouses for over a decade.

Unprecedented Demand

Gabby is full of incredible cream variegation and each leaf does vary widely.  Since the summer of 2020, this plant has seen thousands of web searches per week which makes our production rates of around 2-3 dozen every 2-3 months fail in comparison.  

Parentage History

'Gabby' was a naturally occurring sport originating from a Philodendron Brasil, however, we did not have to manipulate the plant's growth by an overexposure of light or by starving or overfeeding of nutrients. Our selectively propagated cultivar was named "Gabby" after the company name and the street "Gabriella Lane" that has so much history to our family.

Inconsistent Releases

Right now, we experience 100x+ more demand than the number of plants we can grow each month. This can make it hard to successfully purchase one, but we plan to release what we can as soon as we can.


Care Tips for 'Gabby'

Moderate to bright indirect light, no direct sun.

Moderate watering
Let soil dry to 25% moist before watering.

They prefer their temperatures to range from 55°F to 90°F

These are vining philodendron by nature, but you can trim this plant to keep the shape or length that you desire as well as use a totem to enable the plant to climb vertically.

We include a 6 mo. time released fertilizer at time of planting, either in the soil or on top of the soil, so your plant should be good to go on nutrients for up to 3-4 months when you receive it.

W/ high humidity, these will form aerial roots at each node and if given a textured surface to attach to, will climb and undergo ontogenesis AKA leaf maturation. With proper conditions and ample time, leaves can reach over 1ft long!

Ways to tell it apart from others...

Consistent Color

Although Gabby can have a wide range of it's variegation, one thing you won't find on a Gabby is the leaves towards the top of the plant being brighter than the bottom.  This typically happens when the cream variegation is produced by artificial extreme conditions.

Slow Growing

Due to it's high concentration of variegation, Gabby does tend to grow rather slowly, especially when it is on a series of multiple highly variegated leaves.  When this true expression of the cream color is in effect, the internodes on the plant get tighter than most, further slowly down the propagation process.

Limited Growing Capacity

Right now, it seems to us that Gabby may be the most popular plant we grow, so it makes sense that we simply can't grow enough for everyone. We will be able to grow roughly 4x more Pink Princess this year than we will with Gabby, so it's price will be reflective of it's hard to grow nature.

Close Internodes

Another key way of knowing whether you have a true GP Gabby or not is to note the spacing between the nodes as Gabby should have much closer spacing.   
If a plant has recently had an environmental condition spark the variegation, the plant will have mostly normal spacings of nodes.

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""Philodendron 'Gabby' has been something in our family greenhouse for over a decade now.  My Dad was the one who originally spotted this sport in our greenhouses and began to slowly selectively cultivate this plant until he had achieved a unique and mostly stable cream variegation that he hadn't seen previously.  This plant used to be listed on our previous wholesale website and the internet turned it into a superstar even before we ever interacted with customers directly online.  We also haven't spent anything to market this particular cultivar at this time.

It is still entirely awesome that this plant is so popular, but also understand that we are doing the best we can to grow as many as we can, even with the challenges of growing this particular cultivar."

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