Written by Shane Maloy, Founder of Gabriella Plants on Thursday May 16th at 9pm EST.  
WOW.  I cannot say thank you enough for these last 6 months.  It's truly been something so tiring yet so rewarding to grow relationships with as many of you as I can and provide you fresh plants from our family greenhouse via this website.  I am forever grateful for you all.
A few house-keeping things...
- You can continue to purchase any plants for 20% off up until midnight tonight. Thank you to everyone who tried to score a plant from us. What we've built together is something really special.
- How do you like the new photos? (They won't be around for super long, but they did the job in a pinch. We'll be changing this in the next few weeks.)
- Local Pickup Checkout Option ... there is a pretty ugly looking bug when we enable this new app running with our new re-design theme. It worked well on the old one, and the app maker is supposed to help us get a working installation sometime over the weekend. This will let you pick a 15 minute window over a very limited schedule to pick your orders up from us in person and will auto waive the shipping costs. I'll keep you posted on this.
- Appointment Scheduler! So I'm going for something that I WANT to do. I may regret it but I can always scale this down and the hours offered are limited.... but using this link.  You can schedule a time to chat with me. I'd love to answer your questions to the best way I can and get to know you better as our customer. These are short 10 minute phone or Google Hangout calls, but if you want to try it, do it!
- 2 Week Shipping Window .... Just a reminder. All orders placed from tonight's inventory update will have a 2 week shipping window to allow our team plenty of time to safely package all of your orders.
- Expedited Shipping ... there is now an option when you're in your cart to add expedited shipping to your order. It costs $10 per order regardless of the size of the order, but we will absolutely put your name on the top of the stack. Guaranteed that we'll get it out in 3 business days, but as long as the plants have been treated and have dried, they'll go out ASAP.
I think that's all for now.  We'll talk again something this weekend!
Your friendly grower,
- New content coming very soon. We have more new pictures, a story video and some other creative projects in the works over the next few weeks.
- More space.... I will keep you posted sometime over the weekend on how we did from tonight. Knowing you guys, you'll break all my projections and I'll have to find a way to put into words how much you mean to us. If you missed the building reference, in our email earlier today we highlighted that our goal with doing such a big sale with so many items on the update list, was to get us closer to having the capital to start our first expansion project to make our customers live's better... by building out about 2/3 of our existing metal warehouse into actual framed in climate controlled office space. Our current office building is 382 sq. ft. so the 4 of us and a productive amount of your plants is a tight fit. Because of the limitations, we can only ship so many boxes per week. We don't have room to hire new help and we also don't have space to even make our current organization truly efficient. Once we get our warehouse built out, Bruce can begin to lead a BIGGER team of people safely packing your inspected plants and getting them ready for USPS to come pick up... oh yeah... that's happening soon too.... which will save us so much time and lengthen the duration of our packing time due to a later pickup that our current requirement of driving your box to our local post office. Bruce is working hard to make improvements every day.
Lots of other stuff too. I'm going to eat this food and say goodnight. <3 I may comment through the night, but I'm exhausted from today. What a 6 months it's been.