Introducing: Every Plant Story Stakes

Introducing: Every Plant Story Stakes


Every Plant Has A Story and knowing the story makes the world of difference and it's why we're trying to share that story with you!

Our story at Gabriella Plants truly starts almost 20 years ago, when my Dad first started to build our commercial greenhouses on our family property and dedicate his life to being a grower.  I followed in his footsteps, and as of 2021, became the 3rd generation in my family to own and operate these same greenhouses.

Our mission at GP is simple, to grow as many healthy and happy plants as possible and share them from our greenhouse to your house.  One of the things that has always made us unique is that we sell and ship the plants that WE grow, so we are growers at our core.

I firmly believe that our customers knowing the story of the plant they receive can only enrich our customer's experience and it's why we've been hard at work developing our Every Plant Has A Story nursery stakes, a UNIQUE way to share Every Plant's Story with our customers.

Beginning the week of April 19th, some of our plants will begin to ship with these "Story Stakes"!  Not all plants will include one of these tags, it will take some time before nearly all of the plants we grow will come with these stakes.   When you receive one, you can learn more about that plant's INDIVIDUAL story by scanning the QR code with your phone's camera app and following the link.

After clicking the link provided by each QR code, you'll be taken to the "Story Portal" which will let you see the story and history of that particular plant at a glance. It will show you information like the grower who planted it, when it was planted, the type of soil mixed used and any other notes our team made at the time the stake was printed.
It'd even be possible for customers with this history to celebrate a particular plant's birthday by celebrating the day it was first propagated!

Our hope is that this level of transparency and story telling helps our customers better care for their plants and have a better appreciation for the people who do the hard work of growing, selecting, prepping and shipping each plant that we share.  This project is still in early testing so we just ask for patience as we continue to develop this proprietary technology into something much cooler than even this announcement is!   In the future, we hope to share even more, like the data that we gather from environmental sensors located in each greenhouse!

We also value our customers feedback, so if you have ideas on how we can make this initiative even better, we'd love to hear about it: or reply to this email!

So many more exciting things to share in the next week or so, so certainly stay tuned!  


Your friendly & thankful grower,
Shane Maloy
Owner and President of Gabriella Plants