New HQ is operational!  - December 4th, 2019 Newsletter

New HQ is operational! - December 4th, 2019 Newsletter

(Originally written for our email newsletter on December 4th, 2019)

Hey there!

Our website is 8 days away from it's 1st BIRTHDAY!  That's right, our website turns 1 year old on December 12th!  It's been the most insane ride the past year getting to know so many of you and seeing our business grow and flourish.  

We knew we had something special going on here at our family business when we would regularly sell out of our Inventory within an hour or two of posting them every Wednesday.  Since June, it has been a high priority of mine to begin working towards building a larger office for us to expand what we do and be able to provide even MORE plants to lovely customers like yourself.  

As a 25 year old, I've had never built a building before.  Needless to say, it has been a MUCH longer process than I ever anticipated but this week, something BIG happened.  We finally moved into our new space.  It's still not much as we're only now starting to organize and get the hang of things, but I cannot express how big of a step this is for the future here at Gabriella Plants.  Without the support of people like you, we wouldn't be able to do what we love every day.

In addition to the new building, we've also been VERY busy in the greenhouse, planting more and more plants for Spring of 2020.  We've already planted over 7,000 new plants in the month of November, and some of the plants I'm looking forward to growing the most, like Orbifolia and Birkin...they don't arrive to us as babies until early January.  

We're busy shipping out orders from our Black Friday Sale and we hope to have the vast majority of those finished by the end of this week, with hopefully only a few orders being delayed until early next week.  Tonight's Inventory Update is a great time to order, as we still have some time before the USPS really starts to slow down for the holidays.  Tonight's Inventory Update does contain some of our most sought after plants, but we only have a dozen of each for some items.  Please be patient with us.  We are intentionally keeping our smallest greenhouse, shown to the left, at a 62 degree temp overnights and most days it still heats up from convection to well above 84 degrees... which means those plants are still growing, all winter long!  

It is completely surreal writing this email from our new offices, but I truly am humbled and am so thankful for people like you who read these emails and who not only choose to purchase your next plant with us, but your support and words of encouragement have been a huge key to our growth this past year.  I like to say this a lot, but it's still just as true: Good things are ahead... like plant tags for every plant shipping out.... but all in due time.  

We are truly beyond grateful.

I had one more thing I wanted to share with you:  We are going to be producing a LOT more YouTube videos as well as keeping way more active on AUCTIONS.  Some plants we may only have a handful a month or two... so for those plants, we'll be keeping our eBay auctions going pretty regularly.  You can always see what auctions are active by visiting this page on our website:

We'll talk again soon!

Your friendly grower,


P.S.  I will be on a mini-vacation with my wife Dec 5th - Dec 8th but shipping related emails will be forwarded to the team.  Once I'm back, we have lots of work making sure our 1 Year Anniversary Sale on Thursday December 12th is show-stopping! Operations will continue at the greenhouses this week despite my absence.