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5" Philodendron 'Jose Buono'

Notice: This plant has a yearly limit of 1 per person. Click here to read

Every Jose is DIFFERENT and the handful that we have ready are offered with the understanding that each one is a different height and variegation. 

Philodendron Jose Buono Description: 
A rare variegated form of this large leaf species, with bold splashy white variegation in patches and spots across the leaf. It is a climbing species, the leaves grow to 24" long and about 5" across. Best in bright shade. Popular as a house plant, they tolerate low light and dry air.  

General Philodendron Care Tips:

Light: Bright indirect light.

Water: Allow the first inch or so to dry out before watering again. 

Other: While not true of all philodendrons, many will begin vining down, or climbing up if given the opportunity.