Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Caladium praetermissum &
Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Caladium praetermissum &
Gabriella Plants Alocasia 4" Caladium praetermissum &

4" Caladium praetermissum 'Hilo Beauty'

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Wow... just wow! This Caladium is stunning!

Caladium praetermissum 'Hilo Beauty' is known only from cultivation & the species epithet ''praetermissum'' actually means overlooked or forgotten, because this plant's confusing taxonomic history, where it had been classified as both a Colocasia & an Alocasia before it was determined to actually be a species of Caladium!

Special note for this plant:  These can be difficult to ship and we are NOT responsible for this specific item's arrival condition unless significant stress was caused by being in transit, such as a broken box or snapped stems. Leaf blemishes are normal, as they do not like the lack of light at all, especially this size, but it's the only size we can ship economically. These Colocasia NORMALLY suffer some leaf loss but they will bounce back if given the proper moisture/sunlight/warmth. 

They are meant to be planted in partial sunlight and either in rich soil/earth directly or in a large container.  They can do well indoors if given the proper light and average temperatures.

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