Gabriella Plants Anthurium 4" Anthurium ‘Big Red Bird’ (Anthurium sect. Pachyneurium)

4" Anthurium 'Big Red Bird'

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This Anthurium grows similarly in style to Superbum and will reach a max height of 6ft tall.  The plant will produce new leaves that come in green but with enough light will turn deep red.

Anthuriums come in many different shapes & sizes, from beautiful foliage varieties to gorgeous flowering types!


Care Guidelines-

~Do Not let Anthurium sit in excess water. Anthurium are prone to rot if left with “wet feet”. Once watered, make sure to drain any extra water.

~Do Not place in full sun or extreme high light. In the wild Anthurium either grow in the understory or among the forest floor where they would receive bright but filtered sunlight.

~Most Anthurium are epiphytic & need a well draining potting mix. If you repot your Anthurium make sure it is an airy substrate.

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