Family Owned for 24 years - Greenhouse in Central Florida

My dad started our business over 24 years ago... and at the time I wasn't around. I came on the scene a year later, and grew up helping in the greenhouses. As I grew into my teens, I regularly ran the business when my dad was out of town and worked with fellow employees in the greenhouse daily, because it was in my childhood backyard after all. Our 1 acre facility focuses on high quality indoor house plants mainly pothos, philodendron and boston ferns. But after my dad ran for local elected office and won, I took over the family business from him. Over the past 2 years, I've learned a lot and took over an entirely wholesale greenhouse. We never sold to the public. I changed that. After the last several months of building this store, I'm proud to ship our hand grown foliage all across the US and share my love for plants with others. And, we're the largest supply of Pink Princess Philodendron that I know of... and we will be doing our best to keep up with demand on our 4" Pink Princess, the pride of our offerings. 

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