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Scratch & Dent Reject Batch - Next batch TBD

This item on our website will be used to sell very limited quantities of highly sought after plants that are just in a less than website photo in fullness or quality.  Any plant listed on the Reject Batch is still a healthy and capable plant, it just may be less rooted cuttings than what we feel comfortable selling under it's normal listing on our website.  Items purchased under this listing will not qualify for any refund or replacement policy unless the damage is substantial and direct at the fault of the delivery carrier.    

When active, this item on our website will include the original listing name (Aka, 4" Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight) in the title whenever a batch is published for sale along with a written description of the current item for sale at that time down below here:


Active Description:
Next batch is TBD.