Gabriella Plants Gabby Giveaway for Hurricane Ida Donation

Gabby Giveaway for Hurricane Ida Donation

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Our family greenhouses are very familiar with the struggle of hurricanes. Our business can be heavily impacted every hurricane season by even moderately weak storms, so we're hyper aware of the devastation that hurricanes can cause.

This week, our heart aches for the people of Louisiana and others in the path of Hurricane Ida. So we've decided to do our small part to help the folks impacted by Hurricane Ida recover by launching a Gabby Giveaway with 100% of the donations made going straight to boots on the ground, saving lives and helping people rebuild. We will be donating the donations collected during this giveaway to the Cajun Navy Foundation, which has been laser focused on providing help when First Responders can't.

A part of their About Us page reads...

"Today, people go to Facebook to ask for assistance. We, the volunteers at Cajun Navy Foundation, are able to take those requests off of Facebook and put them into a dispatch system. This enables volunteer dispatchers to send out volunteer rescuers to perform the rescues, conduct welfare checks, to deliver supplies or to rebuild homes."

These boots on the ground are making a difference right now and we hope that donations from our giveaway will continue to aid those recovering from Hurricane Ida.

Join us in helping those in need this week.

For ever $1 you donate, you will receive 1 entry in the Gabby Giveaway, in compliance with the Gabby Giveaway Terms and Conditions found on this page.


Legal Disclaimer: No purchase is necessary to enter the Gabby Giveaway. Must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the United States of America to participate. Participants may enter without donating to Hurricane Ida Relief by submitting their entry here. Additional Terms and Conditions found here. By participating in our Gabby Giveaway, you agree to the Gabby Giveaway Terms and Conditions found on this page.

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