Gabriella Plants Philodendron 5" Philodendron gloriosum &
Gabriella Plants Philodendron 5" Philodendron gloriosum &
Gabriella Plants Philodendron 5" Philodendron gloriosum &
Gabriella Plants Philodendron 5" Philodendron gloriosum &

5" Philodendron gloriosum 'Verde'

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Philodendron gloriosum 'Verde' is a terrestrial philodendron with a repent stem, meaning it creeps along the ground. This batch is propagated from cuttings, which means that under appropriate growing conditions, you will see each glorious velvety leaf grows between 2'-3' at maturity. When grown from Tissue Culture, specimens do not attain the large sized leaf blades as when grown from cuttings; it is speculated the process stunts the growth and prevents the plants from ever getting even close to reaching the enormous sizes seen in the wild. 

Note to customers: there may be some spots and algae on the older leaves that can be removed by gently wiping with warm water. This is no way affects the health of the plant, 

~Do Not place in full sun. Though many Philodendron can be acclimated to full sun, our Philodendron have been grown under shaded, greenhouse conditions.

~Philodendron are considerably hardy & tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, but for the best growth it is recommended to provide higher levels of humidity.

~If trying to get Philodendron to mature, give them a moss pole or wood board to climb! Make sure to keep the pole or board saturated though so aerial roots can attach & actually climb!

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