Gabriella Plants Hoya 5" Hoya polyneura Hanging Basket

5" Hoya polyneura Hanging Basket

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Hoya polyneura is commonly referred to as the Fish Tail Hoya and Mermaid's Tail Hoya because of the pattern of the dark green veins on light green foliage. Makes a great indoor plant as it is happiest when cultivated in temps between 50-80F, provide plenty of bright indirect light and maintain 50% humidity. It is a perfect match to Hoya linearis, as they are both cool growing Hoyas that originate from forests at high altitudes. 

 ~Do Not let Hoya sit in excess water. As epiphytes, in the wild they would be growing on tree trunks or branches in the forest understory where they would get most of their water just from dew or moisture in the air.

~Hoya are considerably hardy & tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, but for the best growth it is recommended to provide higher levels of humidity.

~Do Not remove the peduncles [flower stalks] after your Hoya has finished flowering. Hoya are able to rebloom again & again from the same peduncle!

~Feed regularly during the growing season with a low nitrogen fertilizer containing sufficient amounts of phosphorous and potassium.


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