4" Syngonium podophyllum albo-variegatum

Growing more—check back soon!

These are young plants currently.  They are mostly rooted but should not be removed from their nursery pot for another 3-4 weeks. 

These will also sell out in a matter of seconds and we're aware it can be frustrating to not get the plant you wanted, but be patient with us.  Due to their current demand, these are a limit of 1 per customer per weekly inventory update.

We will have another decent sized batch ready for sale the second week of September.  

These are one of our hidden "gems" of our family greenhouse.  These white on green variegated syngoniums are a treasure and an easy houseplant to maintain.  They tend to vine, but you can trim it to keep it's compact appearance.

All sales, once shipped, are final. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us ASAP. We only honor claims that are made in the first 10 days after receiving the plants. Most times, a photo of the entire plant top down, along with any relevant close ups are required for us to take care of your issue. Send an email with your issue along with any photos to Most times, we replace the plant free of charge, but do not generally offer refunds.
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