Gabriella Plants Sansevieria 4" Sansevieria Assortment 3-pack
Gabriella Plants Sansevieria 4" Sansevieria Assortment 3-pack
Gabriella Plants Sansevieria 4" Sansevieria Assortment 3-pack

4" Sansevieria Assortment 3-pack

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3 Sansevieria for a special price! Pot them together for an easy care container arrangement or place them individually in their own little corners of the house or office. Sansevieria make the perfect bedroom plant, they open their stomata at night releasing oxygen while you sleep! This trio contains 1 of each: Sansevieria cylindrica 'Medusa', Sansevieria trifasciata 'Moonshine' and Sansevieria trifasciata 'Hahnii' Growers Choice Assortment.  We also offer these individually, in stock right now -check our inventory!

Sansevieria are known for being a GREAT house plant.  Commonly referred to as Snake Plant. They do well with light watering.  Within the average house environment, Sansevieria only need to be watered every other week or so.  Be sure the soil is almost entirely dry before fully watering the plant again.  They don't mind stagnant air, which lends to their ease in home environments.  They do well in a wide range of lighting conditions but they enjoy moderate lighting the most...but remember, no full sun.  They don't mind the heat either. 

General Sansevieria Care Tips:

Light: Can handle anything from low light to full sun but bright, indirect light is its favorite. 

Water: Needs minimal water. Allow to dry out between waterings and be careful not to overwater.  


  • Grown by our family-owned nursery located in Oviedo, FL
  • Ships directly From Our Greenhouse to Your House®
  • We ensure every plant is pest & disease free.
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