4" Philodendron Painted Lady

Growing more—check back soon!

These are a limit of 1 per customer per weekly batch release as of this week. (Subject to change in the future)

Painted lady is a GREAT pick for the collector or novice. Leaves begin in a very bright neon color and over time adds more dark green.  Grows well indoors.  The new growth of leaves have a red color over the new growth sprout. Get your very own to add to your collection today!

Our current size is slightly smaller than these, but with still 3+ leaves from a rooted tip cutting. 

All sales, once shipped, are final. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us ASAP. We only honor claims that are made in the first 10 days after receiving the plants. Most times, a photo of the entire plant top down, along with any relevant close ups are required for us to take care of your issue. Send an email with your issue along with any photos to orders@gabriellaplants.com. Most times, we replace the plant free of charge, but do not generally offer refunds.
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