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4" Philodendron 'Jose Buono'

We are not producing 4" anymore given the difficulty of keeping them growing and not falling over in their pot.  Our 5" listing will be what we continue to produce.  
Notice: This plant has a yearly limit of 1 per person. Click here to read more about

A rare variegated form of this large leaf species, with bold splashy white variegation in patches and spots across the leaf. It is a climbing species, the leaves grow to 24" long and about 5" across. Best in bright shade. Popular as a house plant, they tolerate low light and dry air.  

General Philodendron Care Tips:

Light: Bright indirect light.

Water: Allow the first inch or so to dry out before watering again. 

Other: While not true of all philodendrons, many will begin vining down, or climbing up if given the opportunity.