Gabriella Plants 4" Homalomena &
Gabriella Plants 4" Homalomena &
Gabriella Plants 4" Homalomena &

4" Homalomena 'Emerald Gem'

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Homalomena 'Emerald Gem' has an upright growth habit with a slight spread as new leaves are formed from the center. Its foliage is dark green, semi glossy, and spade shaped. Tolerates a wide range of lighting from bright indirect to low light, but performs best in bright indirect light. If the bottom leaves of your Homalomena are turning yellow and falling off, it is most likely because it is not receiving sufficient light.  If your Homalomena is in bright indirect light and still losing leaves, it is either over or under watered. The best way to know when it is time to water is by sticking your finger all the way in the pot, if half the soil in pot feels dry, it's time to water!  Be sure to use room temperature water.


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