Gabriella Plants Haworthia 4" Haworthia venosa subsp. tessellata
Gabriella Plants Haworthia 4" Haworthia venosa subsp. tessellata

4" Haworthia venosa subsp. tessellata

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This haworthia species has been reclassified and is now technically called Haworthiopsis venosa subsp. tessellata. This haworthia has striking patterns throughout its greenish-red thick succulent leaves that grow in a tight-clumping rosette form. With time it will form "pups" and produce new plantlets from the base of the rosette. This plant is extremely drought tolerant and requires high light conditions.

Haworthia venosa subsp. tessellata is a type of Haworthia known as "glass Haworthia" due to their fenestrations AKA "window leaves" that are transparent, which allows sunlight to enter and be focused onto the chloroplasts that are hidden deeper within the succulent leaves, where they are protected from the harsh heat and sunlight of the plants natural environment!

**Some of these Haworthia may be starting to flower, or shipped with a flower spike, but flowers are not guaranteed**

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