Gabriella Plants Fern 4" Fern Aglaomorpha coronans "Crown Fern"
Gabriella Plants Fern 4" Fern Aglaomorpha coronans "Crown Fern"

4" Fern Aglaomorpha coronans "Crown Fern"

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We are so excited to be able to offer you these exotic ferns! Aglaomorpha coronans is an epiphytic fern highly sought after by rare plant collectors that grows into a large and impressive specimen over time. Easy to cultivate indoors in a pot in well draining media, and looks absolutely amazing when grown on a mount where it can show off its shield fronds in all their glory. These ferns can tolerate a few hours of direct sun and lower humidity than your average ferns, but do not allow to dry out between watering. Aglaomorpha coronans is commonly referred to as "Crown Fern" after its habit of forming a crown shaped basket of shield fronds.

This batch are still quite young, and have yet to develop their signature shield fronds. They are the perfect size to start on a mount - be on the lookout for Brett's how to video!

General Fern Care Tips:    

Light: These plants enjoy bright, indirect light.

Water: This plant does not like to dry out, so water it often but make sure the soil does not become soggy either

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