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3" Hoya sp. 'Hat Som Paen'

This newly-offered Hoya came to us with no ID, but has been tentatively identified by a Hoya expert as Hoya sp. 'Hat Som Paen'. As with most Hoya, you cannot confidently confirm an ID until you get the Hoya to bloom so we have selected a few stock baskets to grow and bloom out!   Please know we are not able to be 100% certain this ID is correct.  All of the plants offered in the batch listed on 11/03/2021 will have 2 or more nodes, but will be freshly trimmed at the top, only because of the difficulty of their overall length being untangled successfully.  Photos have also been updated to reflect this batch's description.  

Either way, this Hoya features smooth, elliptical green leaves splotched with silvery speckles and slight veining. As a fast-vining plant this Hoya is a wonderful addition to any collection!