Gabriella Plants Fern 1- Fern Staghorn Platycerium elephantotis Plaque

1- Fern Staghorn Platycerium elephantotis Plaque

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Platycerium elephantotis sporelings mounted on wood slabs 3.5”-4.5” in diameter with aluminum coated metal hangers.
These are one of a kind mounts hand-created by our Head Grower Brett. #EveryPlantHasAStory

**Note to Customers: These plaques are fresh mounts meaning they were just mounted & do not have an established root system into the sphagnum moss or wood yet. This means that they need to be kept consistently moist until they begin to develop additional shield fronds over the sphagnum moss. 

The best methods for watering these plaques are by either soaking them (filling a basin with water and submerging the wood & sphagnum in the water approx. 15-20 minutes) or by showering them (allowing water to sprinkle or shower onto the plant and sphagnum moss approx. 5-10 minutes). Ensure all water drains out of the mount, and then hang somewhere with good airflow & bright but not direct sun.

These mounts need to be kept moist at all times for optimum growth so it is best to water them as soon as they begin to dry out. Time between waterings will vary depending on light, airflow and consistency of watering but generally these plaques will need to be watered approx. every 3-5 days** 

Platycerium elephantotis develops tall arching sterile fronds between 18"-24" and distinctly veined round fertile fronds between 24"-30" at maturity, giving it the common name Elephant Ear Staghorn. This fern does best when kept evenly moist, and needs more shade than most species. If you notice their fronds start to droop, it is time to water! Ideal location is in filtered shade and high humidity. Best if kept above 60F, will tolerate brief periods of slightly lower temps but will incur damage below 40F.

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