4" Philodendron Prince of Orange Hybrid
This orange hybrid Philly will get darker orange leaves as it matures. As always, this ships directly from our greenhouse to your house. PP#6797
4" Philodendron Rio - Sport of Brazil Philodendron
These are limit 1 per customer per batch release.  This is an original sport of the Brasil Philodendron that our wholesale greenhouse has named "Rio" after the city in Brazil. It has stayed consistent in it's variegation patterns and color for...
4" Philodendron Mican
These are a limit of 2 per customer per weekly batch release as of this week. (Subject to change in the future) This velvet leaf Philodendron tends to produce long vines in no time. Works well indoors and is a perfect addition to...
4" Hoya Krimson Princess
Limit 1 per customer per batch release.  We hope to have more ready by mid-May at which time we may drop the limit. Another Hoya offering is this unique tri color Hoya.  They have a variegation that is white on...
4" Hoya sp. Krimson Queen
These beautiful Hoyas are a sport of the Hoya Carnosa f. variegata family.  They sport bold white on the edges of the leaves and the flowers that come with this family are incredibly sweet in fragrance.
4" Scindapsus 'Silvery Ann'
These are a limit of 1 per customer per weekly batch release. These strong low maintenance house plants boast large amounts of silver across their leaves.  Far more silver in this than either the Pictus or the Silver Satin.  These...
4" Philodendron Moonlight Hybrid
These patented Hybrid Philodendrons have a beautiful upright growth with bright yellow leaves. Great for indoors.
4" Calathea Fusion White
These are a limit of 2 per customer per weekly batch release as of this week. (Subject to change in the future) US PP26187 These beautiful Calathea have large amounts of white color in their leaves.  They enjoy partial sun...
4" Philodendron McColley's Finale Hybrid
These hybrid phillys will get more deep red as the plant ages and gets deeper with lower light.
4" Stromanthe Triostar
Limit 2 per person per batch release. These beautiful foliage Stromanthe boast their green, pink and cream coloring with burgundy/pink undersides.  They do best in full shade and do well outdoors.  They will grow in clumps and reach 3ft tall...
6" Alocasia Frydek
These are limit 1 per customer per batch release. These Alocasia are absolutely stunning.  They enjoy the top of their soil to dry out, but thrive in high humidity, 50% or higher preferably.  When watering, be sure to totally soak the...
4" Philodendron Brasil
This easy house plant is a great starter if you don’t already have it in your collection. Hand grown in Central Florida and shipped from our greenhouse straight to your house.
Sold Out
4" Calathea Ornata - Pinstripe
These are a limit of 2 per customer per weekly batch release.  The batch for sale this week is slightly smaller than the one in this photo, but are still rooted with several leaves.  :) 
$12.50 $10.00
4" Philodendron Burgundy Princess
These are a limit of 1 per customer per weekly batch release.  These 4" Philodendron are completely reverted Pink Princess and should not ever produce pink variegation again... thus the name Burgundy Princess!  But their deep red/green leaf color and their...
4" Pothos Neon
$8.00 $6.50
4" Pothos Neon
These heathy and full bright yellow pothos do well in low light areas of the house and add a splash of tropical color to any centerpiece.
$8.00 $6.50
4" Pothos Pearls and Jade
Limit 1 per customer per week.  These are a little on the young side.   This beautiful white and green variegated pothos is a staple of a lot of home collections. It vines indoors and does well in a pretty wide...
4" Pothos Var. Neon
Limit 2 per customer per batch release. This sport of the traditional Neon Pothos first showed up in our greenhouses 4 years ago. Since then it’s held it’s bright yellow variegation (although it can fade to slightly darker as the...
4" Philodendron Lemon
This bright and cheerful Lemon Philly is just what you need to add that spark of bright tropical color to your home plant collection. Loves indoors and is easy to maintain.
4" Calathea Lancifolia - Rattlesnake Plant
These are a limit of 2 per customer per weekly batch release. These do enjoy medium to high levels of indirect light, but no full sun.  Water once their top 1-2 inches of soil is dry.  They do love humidity,...
4" Philodendron Imperial Red Hybrid
We only have a small batch of these and they are quite a bit larger than this photo but these self heading hybrid philodendron have a very dark red color and their leaves will continue growing in size as they mature.
4" Philodendron Deja Vu
These beautiful 4" Deja Vu ship straight from our greenhouse to your house.  They will get rather large if given a pot big enough.  They enjoy moderate indoor lighting and because of their self heading nature, they are easy to...
4" Pothos Marble Queen
These white and green variegated pothos are a staple of a lot of plant collections. Of course these guys ship straight from our greenhouse to your house.
$8.00 $6.50
4" Philodendron Jose Buono
Limit 1 per customer per batch release.This plant has a special shipping fee which is in addition to any other items in your cart.  If we can save any money on postage after their larger box, we'll refund any overages...
4" Aglaonema Maria - Chinese evergreen
Features dark green leaves that have silvery markings and do well in most lighting conditions, but no full sun.   Due to time limitations, the full bio on these will be available by the end of this week.  
$8.00 $7.00
4" Philodendron Painted Lady
These are a limit of 1 per customer per weekly batch release as of this week. (Subject to change in the future) Painted lady is a GREAT pick for the collector or novice. Leaves begin in a very bright neon color and...
4" Hoya Retusa
These are a limit of 2 per customer per weekly batch release. 
4" Hoya Kerri Reverse Variegated
Limit 1 per customer per batch release.  Today's batch was very small but we do have around 50 additional ones planted.  Feel free to sign back up for the in-stock notifications and we'll let you know the next time we...
4" Scindapsus Silver Satin
This beautiful scindapsus is ready to find its new home. These are hand grown in a greenhouse. This plant ships straight from greenhouse to your house. ❤️
4" Monstera Adansonii (Narrow Leaf)
If you're looking for the wide leaf Adansonii, you can click here.Also known as the "Swiss Cheese" Plant... these rad Monstera's feature holes in their leaves...  These are rather large 4" with multiple fully rooted cuttings per pot. 
4" Pothos Jade
This rigid pothos has a deep green leaf and is very full. These will vine or climb and they’re a great addition to your full pothos collection.
4” Syngonium Regina Red
Although this Syngonium sports a Pink color, it's far more faded and veins can have more red coloring.  The true HOT PINK Syngonium is the Neon Robusta, which is on sale right now as well.
$10.00 $7.50
4" Hoya Carnosa Green
These hoyas are the standard full green and are a very easy grower. Ships straight from our greenhouse to your house.
$12.00 $10.00
4" Pothos Manjula
These hard to find pothos are very neat! They have a curly leaf appearance and show a high level of green and white variegation. An obviously needed addition to your pothos collection.  These are a limit of 2 per customer...
4" Philodendron Green
This vining dark green Philly is perfect for your home.
$8.00 $6.00
4" Ficus Repens Variegated
These colorful white and green climbing ficus repens are great for covering everything from outdoor walls to draping over a bookshelf. These plants ship straight from our greenhouse to your house.
4" Philodendron 'Gabby' Sport
Please note: The plant you will receive may be smaller than pictured, but will be well rooted and full of the cream variegation. This oddball sport of the Brasil Philodendron has been naturally occurring and propagated in our greenhouse for...
4" Fern Staghorn
Staghorn Ferns!  Known to grow quite large and enjoy hanging freely under a shaded tree!  These come in a 4" pot and could be easily mounted in whatever way you see fit!
4" Peperomia caperata - Red Emerald
Peperomia caperata are fairly easy to maintain as house plants.  They don't grow very tall and have vibrant colors that last.  They do enjoy humidity, although will do relatively okay indoors.  When watering, be sure to allow the top part...
4" Sansevieria 'Seafoam'
They're BACK!  Sansevieria are known for being a GREAT house plant.  They do well with light watering.  Within the average house environment, Sansevieria only need to be watered every other week or so.  Be sure the soil is almost entirely dry...
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