4" Scindapsus 'Silvery Ann'
These are a limit of 2 per customer per weekly batch release. These strong low maintenance house plants boast large amounts of silver across their leaves.  Far more silver in this than either the Pictus or the Silver Satin.  These...
4" Scindapsus Silver Satin
This beautiful scindapsus is ready to find its new home. These are hand grown in a greenhouse. This plant ships straight from greenhouse to your house. ❤️
4" Scindapsus Argyraeus (pictus)
Limit 1 per customer. This scindapsus is a very close cousin to the Silver Satin, but with more green in the leaves and smaller spots of silver.
6" Scindapsus Silver Satin
Limit 2 per customer. These 6" Silver Satin are gorgeous and very full.
$30.00 $28.50
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