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3" Carnivorous Dionaea muscipula 'Akai Ryu' "Red Dragon Venus Flytrap"

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The one-and-only Venus Flytrap-- in Red! 'Akai Ryu' develops deep burgundy traps and petioles when grown in bright light indoors, or full sun to partial sun outdoors. Under ideal conditions, can grow up to 5" tall and produce blooms on tall flower stalks. Keep in mind that flowering takes a lot of energy which will slow down the plants growth. It is ok to trim these stalks before they get 2-3” tall to help your plant use all its energy to produce more traps. Venus flytraps love waterlogged conditions, keep in a deep dish with a reservoir of water at all times. Use distilled, rain or reverse osmosis water only. Perfect for terrariums and bog gardens.

  • Grown by our family-owned nursery located in Oviedo, FL
  • Ships directly From Our Greenhouse to Your House®
  • We ensure every plant is pest & disease free.
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