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Winter Shipping 2019-2020

Winter 2019/2020 Shipping Options

At checkout, customers have two shipping options from which they can choose. 

Each shipping option has it’s own rates based on the number of plants and come with their own set of benefits.

You can modify your selection within 24 hours of purchase by emailing us. After 24 hours, the only option to change the shipping selection is to cancel your current order and place a new one. 

This is meant not as an inconvenience but as a way for our small business to have a more manageable shipping procedure throughout winter. 

The prices of the Winter Protection rates are cheaper than our previous heat packs purchased separately policy. 


Standard USPS Priority Mail

This is our typical shipping rate, but over winter, this is meant for people who live in areas where they are certain they will not need a heat pack or special packing due to the climate or simply would not prefer we pack their order any differently.  This will be the cheapest option.  If standard shipping is selected, plants that contain pests/disease upon arrival or are damaged during shipping will be refunded or replaced free of charge.  However, this will not cover any damages related to cold.


Winter Protection USPS Priority Mail

This is the new winter option and will have slightly higher prices than the standard selection, particularly on orders with 1-2 plants, but we will be manually checking the destination of each Winter Protection order and ensuring that the proper heat packs, additional packing methods or other precautions are taken to ensure your plant arrives safely despite cold.  If Winter Protection shipping is selected, plants that sustain damage from shipping INCLUDING cold damage or contain pests/disease upon arrival will be refunded or replaced free of charge.


All sales, once shipped, are final.

If you have any damage or issues with your order, regardless of cause, please contact us ASAP.

We only honor claims that are made in the first 10 days after receiving the plants.

Most times, a photo of the entire plant top down, along with any relevant close ups are required for us to resolve your case.

Send an email with your issue along with any photos to