Heat Packs Winter 2019

Heat Packs are BACK and available on the website again if you search for them. I will be adding these to the checkout page soon as well.
Here is general tips for Heat Packs...
  1. Heat Packs are generally only needed to protect the plant during it's last leg of it's journey on the mail route from your local post office to your house or porch. The time it spends getting between mega hubs is very unlikely to encounter dangerous temperatures as most packages fly from Orlando to a hub near you.
  2. Heat Packs are recommended IF your DAYTIME high is less than 48 degrees. Night time lows again rarely are what your box will experience unless you live in a very rural or remote area as some smaller local post offices do not keep packages overnight in climate control like larger cities or hubs.
  3. For most all orders, you'll need to add one at time of checkout or purchase one separately and notify us to combine it with your order. They are a bit pricey not because the heat packs are super expensive but because we do have to wrap the heat pack as well as it does generally increase the weight of the box by the next pound higher, so the cost reflects the additional postage cost mostly.
  4. If you have a Pink Princess Pre Order, we will be checking temperatures and adding them free of charge as needed. We shipped Pink Princess all winter last year with minimal issues.
  5. If you purchase a heat pack and we determine it's in the best interest of the plant to NOT ship with the heat pack you paid for, we will wait until it reached your house safely and then refund the costs. If we were wrong and your plant sustains damage from missing said heat pack, we will ship a replacement free of charge.
One last thing: Last year we had almost as many plants damaged from heat packs when they weren't needed as plants that froze or took on cold damage so please understand our desire to do what is best for the plant. It never hurts to add one, and we'll do our best to ensure plants still arrive safely.
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